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Quality Black Ginger
- based products from all natural ingredients

Black Ginger
- based products
from all natural ingredients

what is
black ginger

Black Ginger is a type of herb that belongs to the ginger family under the Zingiberaceae Genus. Commonly, it is known as Thai Ginseng or ‘Krachaidam’ in Thailand and ‘Pratel Thleum Chhke’ in Cambodia. Scientifically, it is called as Kaemferia Parviflora.

Why black ginger
is good for you?

Black Ginger is a superfood with plenty of nutritional benefits. Its biological active compound contains two main substances namely; 5,7-dimethoxyflavone and 5,7,4’-trimethoxyflavone which help our body become healthier, provided it’s comsumed at the right dossage.

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The Benefits

Black Ginger improves blood circulation by facilitating the widening of blood vessels. This process, known as the vasodilation process, is further improved through the consumption of Black Ginger which is a source of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitor, improving the overall efficiency of blood flow throughout the body.

Black Ginger is able to further absorb more glucose which means our body will then produce more energy. The absorption of glucose, known as the GLUT 4 process will then increase the Mitochondrial Biogenesis.

Black Ginger helps prolong our endurance and recovery through enhancing our energy level and increase in anti-inflammation level. Black Ginger contains Polymethoxyflavones which increases energy production by activating (AMPK) resulting in a spike in the Mitochondrial Biogenesis process and decrease in TNF-Alpha level (inflammation). More energy helps better endurance, less inflammation means faster recovery.

Black Ginger helps with weight management. It increases more brown fat in your body, which is actually good! When consumed, Black Ginger increases the level of brown adipose tissue (brown fat) and increases the expression uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) . The brown fat helps to burn fat. So the more brown fat you have, the more fat burns in your body! Therefore more brown fat, more fat is burned in our body.

Black Ginger stops the fragmentation of different proteins that cause stress inside our body. This fragmentation process, known as SIRT 1, will be improved through  the consumption of Black Ginger. The more efficient protein is used in our body, the better it supports our vitality!

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